Grizzly Bears Arrive At Louisville Zoo

By Sheila Ash

The Louisville Zoo has three new occupants. A mother grizzly bear and her two cubs were brought to the zoo after being trapped in Montana earlier this month.

They had been classified as “nuisance bears,” which can pose a threat to livestock or humans or cause property damage.

Zoo Director John Walczak says the bears have adapted to their new environment.

“The mom has a calm demeanor, they’re eating well, the cubs are of course are a little bit more curious. They’re doing very, very well. One of the reasons these bears had become nuisance bears is they had had a tough spring in that part of the world and there was not a whole lot of food availability and this mom and the two cubs were raiding chicken coops,” he said.

The grizzlies are currently in an off-exhibit area and will remain there until the spring opening of Glacier Run Bear Habitat.