City Hall Front Entrance Renovations Underway

by Gabe Bullard on August 24, 2010

Crews will spend the next month refurbishing the front entrance to Louisville City Hall. The work is part of a plan to improve security in the building.

The 6th Street entrance to City Hall was closed years ago. Metro Council President Tom Owen started the campaign to make the front door the main entrance again. The renovations will be done next month, and Owen says a security guard will be in place soon.

Owen says moving the entrance will make the building more secure. And City Hall employees will be given the chance to attend safety seminars.

“Nothing has provoked it, but the goal is to enhance our awareness of what to do in case there is a tornado, in case there is a fire, in case there is a dangerous person in the building,” he says.

The repairs will cost about 16 thousand dollars. The money will come from the council’s rollover fund, which is made up of unspent dollars from previous council budgets.

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