Hearing Today On Furlough Suit

by tcveigh on August 16, 2010

Union members suing to block the furlough of state employees in Kentucky will be in court late this afternoon in Frankfort.

In a May special session, Kentucky lawmakers gave Gov. Beshear the green light to furlough state workers to help balance the budget. Soon thereafter, Beshear ordered both merit and non-merit employees to take six furlough days this fiscal year to save the state $24 million.

“I don’t like furloughs myself, but we’re having to take that action in order to avoid firing about 400 state employees. I think they understand that, and we’ll work through those issues,” he said.

But a half-dozen state employees, all members of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, are suing to block the furloughs. They fear furloughs, especially in state prisons, could jeopardize public safety.

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State Employee August 18, 2010 at 12:07 pm

If the state is going to furlough state employees, then furlough the inmates and see how they accept it. How much does the state pay inmates when they only work about four hours a day and get paid for eight? Our state legislature was less and gets paid more don’t they? What happened to ‘fair, firm, and consistent’?
Nothing is fair if you work for the state. Firm only applies to those who have connections. Consistent? What is consistent? We barely survive now, and they want to take more away from us? Take something away from the inmates and we’ll handle it. Take their ability to watch television at all hours of the night, your tax money is paying the electric bills. Of course, this will never happen, it would be ‘cruel and unusual punishment’….isn’t it cruel and unusual punishment to the state workers to take six paid days away from us, when WE didn’t do anything to deserve it???

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