New Mayor's Power Over Bridges Project Will Likely Be Limited

by Gabe Bullard on August 9, 2010

Candidates for mayor of Louisville have expressed interest in controlling part of the Ohio River Bridges Project. But that may not be possible, as decisions about the project are made by the bi-state bridges authority.

Authority co-chair Kerry Stemler says the body will work with the new mayor to put together a timeline for construction that will affect tolls and the overall cost of the project. So calls for low tolls from Democrat Greg Fischer and Republican Hal Heiner can be heard.

Independent Jackie Green favors shelving the project to build better public transit. Stemler says that, or any other redesign, likely can’t happen at the mayor’s behest.

“This project is too big and too important for any one individual to stand in his way,” he says. “If an elected official in either state changes tomorrow or after the elections, then we’ll try our best to work with that particular individual.”

Green has proposed denying permits or services to hinder the project. Stemler says two new bridges and a reworked Spaghetti Junction will happen, and both major party candidates support the plan.

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Joey B August 9, 2010 at 10:35 am

Since Metro isn’t paying a single penny into this FEDERAL project and the decisions have already been made, except funding, why should the new mayor be able to screw up the project for years, increasing the costs that much more.

I think 50 years of BS should be enough. Build the bridges already.

Stunoland August 9, 2010 at 3:13 pm

Build the East End bridge now, re-evaluate the situation downtown. The current design of the downtown ORBP will cause 100+ years of economic stagnation.

Stunoland August 9, 2010 at 3:10 pm

The current design of the downtown ORBP is the biggest urban planning mistake of the 21st century. If Louisville builds a massive quadruple stacked LA style interchange and becomes the only city in the world to expand an elevated waterfront expressway the city will be doomed to 100+ years of economic stagnation. The River City’s image defining gateway will be unmarketable to the world until at least the year 2120. For many in this area the current design of the downtown ORBP is a deal breaker, we will move away. I challenge WFPL to interview the profesors and students at UofL’s urban planning department on the economic consequences of this boondogle.

Split the project, build the east end bridge now and re-evaluate downtown.

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