Bird Sanctuary Expanding Facilities

by Rick Howlett on August 9, 2010

Raptor Rehabilitation of Kentucky is expanding its Louisville operation.   The organization cares for sick, injured and orphaned birds of prey.

Metro Parks has purchased just over four acres adjacent to the existing facility off Six Mile Lane to facilitate the program’s growth. 

“It going to be wonderful, because its going to enable us to take care of more birds, its going to enable us to have bigger cages. The federal government requires us to have very large cages, and we have adequate cages, but it would be nice to have larger ones, and this summer we were so busy with birds,” said Eileen Wicker, Raptor Rehabilitation’s executive director.

The property was purchased with $70,000 in Community Infrastructure Funds secured by Metro Councilman Kevin Kramer. Another $100,000 was appropriated to prepare the property for the expansion.

Last year, Raptor Rehabilitation cared for more than 200 birds of prey, including owls, hawks, falcons and vultures.

(Story and photo by WFPL intern Andy Freudenberg)

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Eileen Wicker August 9, 2010 at 6:57 pm

Actually the correct amount appropriated was $170,00, $70,000 has been used to purchase the property and do the necessary research to acquire it, the remaining $100,000 will be for capital improvements necessary to make the move. This is a tremendous opportunity for Raptor rehab to continue serving the community and the state.

Rick Howlett August 9, 2010 at 11:09 pm

Duly noted. Thanks for speaking with us today, Eileen.

Linda Birder August 10, 2010 at 8:18 am

This is the type of positive reporting that makes for a happy community.
RROKI has been working with wildife for twenty years, saving literally thousands of birds with the aid of volunteers and donors. Although the state and federal governments have established burdensome regulations which RROKI meets, this Metro Councilman deserves kudos for actually DOING something to help the birds of Kentucky. Our community should be proud of Councilman Kevin Kramer. And proud that Louisville supports wildlife through RROKI.

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