Paul And Conway Prepare Fancy Farm Messages

In separate locations in Marshall County Friday night, the two Kentuckians running for U.S. Senate were test-driving their Fancy Farm speeches.

In Calvert City, Republican Rand Paul fired up a crowd of about 150, saying people call him an extremist, but what’s so extreme about wanting a balanced federal budget, he asked. “I believe that they should be forced to balance the budget by law,” he said. “Plain and simple.”

But a few miles away, at Kentucky Dam Village, Democrat Jack Conway told a crowd of 500, his opponent back-peddles and waffles on the issues. “We’re going to leave that Paul campaign scattered, smothered, covered and diced, and we’re going to take back Wendell Ford’s senate seat,” he said.

Conway looked a little tired and Rand Paul was nursing a sore throat, so both will be looking for a second wind this afternoon as they prepare to address, and be heckled by, thousands of people at the 130th Fancy Farm picnic.