Jurich Reiterates Support For Pitino

University of Louisville Athletic Director Tom Jurich says he continues to support basketball coach Rick Pitino.

Jurich says Pitino has been forthcoming with him about all the details surrounding the Karen Sypher case.

Sypher was found guilty Thursday of extorting Pitino in connection with a sexual encounter they had in 2003.

“My counsel to Rick, for what it’s worth, maybe nothing, was that the truth will always work out for you, you just stay with the truth. And he did, he never wavered off this, everything he said came to fruition in this case. The hard part is that he had endure all this,” Jurich said at a Thursday afternoon press conference.

Pitino testified for about six hours during Sypher’s trial.

Jurich says U of L never considered disciplinary action against Pitino, calling it a personal matter that did not occur at the university.