Democrats Select James for Sixth District Metro Council Election

by Gabe Bullard on July 30, 2010

The Jefferson County Democratic Party has selected its candidate for the special election in the 6th Metro Council District.

The election will determine who will serve the remaining two years of Councilman George Unseld’s term. Unseld died last month and the council appointed independent Deonte Hollowell to fill the seat.

Hollowell is seeking election to the seat, and both major parties are allowed to select candidates as well. Last night, the Democratic Party chose former Fraternal Order of Police president David James as their nominee.

James’s nomination came after two rounds of voting in which no candidate won the necessary support. The nomination was determined by a nine-member panel, with each member representing a piece of the 6th District. Members’ votes were weighted, depending on the number of voters they represented.

James was previously an advisor to Councilman Jim King’s campaign for mayor. He will be vetted before his candidacy is made official. Candidates must file with the County Clerk by August 11th.

The county Republican Party will meet to choose a candidate next Tuesday.

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J July 30, 2010 at 10:48 am

As a registered Democrat and resident of the Sixth District, I am unhappy about this selection. The Jefferson County Democratic Party relied more on pressure from Jim King and outside interest groups than the actual residents of the Sixth District. I will wait to see who the Republicans nominate before I decide who my vote will be cast for.

gracie July 30, 2010 at 6:29 pm

My advice to you is… to David James, get to know him, ask him questions, tell him your concerns…..then decide if you do not like him.

gracie August 1, 2010 at 10:52 am

Dear J,
You are saying that David James got the nomination because of Jim King? Jim King wanted to prove that crime rate is up because the current administration would rather not let the public know. If you live in the 6th district then you know that crime rate is up and would be happy that David is going to work hard to make it a safe place. I was talking to a friend last night that lives on Oak Street and his friend was walking from his car to his condo and was chased by 2 men. He barely made it in. I admit there are a few people that are upset that their friend did not get it, but the majority of the district is extremely happy. Just because David did not send out email blasts to everyone on face book or start a premature campaign page does not mean his supporters in the 6th district did not let their voice be heard. If you truly live in the 6th district i encourage you to meet David and talk to him about your concerns.
I must add that i am extremely unhappy that Ken was quoted in the courier journal that “race” was a factor. I am sure there are lots of African Americans that find that quote racist and insulting. Kens resume can not compete with Davids. David has passed legislature, he has worked on million dollar budgets, he writes grants, he knows the 6th district inside and out and he has worked on countless democrat campaigns and the list goes on and on. David left work without pay for 6 months to help Obama’s campaign. I really encourage you to educate yourself before you vote.

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