Louisville Groups Protest AZ Immigration Crackdown

Opponents of  Arizona’s controversial new immigration law gathered in downtown Louisville Thursday to protest the legislation.    More than one hundred people marched from the federal building to Fourth Street Live, carrying signs and chanting slogans.   Protester Carina Varillas says she’s concerned the law would discourage victims of crime from seeking help, because they’ll be afraid of arrest and deportation.

“I cannot even imagine what it would be for somebody that is a victim of trafficking, a victim of domestic violence, of sexual assault, a little child that might be undocumented.”

The law would require immigrants to carry registration documents at all times.  It has been condemned by opponents as racist, but supporters say its needed to stem the tide of illegal immigrants entering Arizona.     It was supposed to go into full effect Thursday, but a last-minute federal injunction blocked its most controversial elements.

(Story and photo by WFPL intern Simon Levine)