Jobless Benefits Resume For Thousands of Kentuckians

President Obama signed a bill last week extending federal jobless benefits. Unemployed Kentuckians whose checks were cut off during the Senate impasse over the extension can apply now to restart the payments.

“We know that about 65,000 Kentuckians were in their last eight weeks of benefits, and more than 60,000 had already lost their benefits. In two months that number could have been 125,000-130,000 people, but now that the extension is here we know we’re helping those folks,” said Lanny Brannock with the Kentucky Office of Employment and Training.

To get retroactive benefits, out-of-work Kentuckians can call 866-291-2926 to have their checks mailed within a couple of days. They may also visit their local unemployment office, though receiving back pay will take longer.

(From Lisa Autry, Kentucky Public Radio/WKYU, Bowling Green).