Mayoral Candidates Question Each Other At Debate

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Three candidates for Louisville mayor quizzed and criticized each other Wednesday evening during a debate at Bellarmine University.

For the first time, Democrat Greg Fischer, Republican Hal Heiner and independent Jackie Green were allowed to ask each other questions on stage.

Heiner asked Fischer about his 2008 bid for the Senate, and whether the mayor’s office is his second choice. Fischer said both show his desire for public service.

“When you take a look at where the real benefit, the leveraged benefit can take place, it is through government service, through public service,” said Fischer. “Whether it be in the United States Senate or as mayor. Running for the U.S. Senate taught me that I enjoyed this. I like people. I like solving problems.”

Fischer mentioned Heiner’s appearance at a Tea Party rally in April, and asked if he was politically close to Republican candidates for other offices. Heiner responded that such comparisons were irrelevant to Louisville issues.

“I am not running for anybody else’s campaign, on anybody else’s platform or what they stand for or don’t stand for, and, quite frankly, an analysis of various candidates at any level or any party on their positives or negatives of their backgrounds, quite frankly, is inappropriate in a mayor’s race,” said Heiner.

Independent Jackie Green asked Heiner and Fischer to explain how their policies were different from each other’s,¬†and in his closing statement, presented himself as the alternative.

“In November, voters will choose either the old business as usual, energy-greedy, energy-dependent local economy, or voters will chose a new energy-lean, energy-independent local economy that can meet the challenges of the future,” he said.