Green Files To Run For Mayor

by Gabe Bullard on July 14, 2010

Independent candidate Jackie Green filed his paperwork to run in the Louisville mayor’s race Wednesday.

Green has been a near-constant presence in the mayor’s race since he declared his intent to run last year. He has now filed with the County Clerk to appear on the ballot in November, alongside Democrat Greg Fischer and Republican Hal Heiner.

Green says he won’t raise as much money as Fischer or Heiner, but he plans to use other campaign tactics to stay competitive.

“Next for us is talking to the public, going to public events, talking to Joe Lunchbox, riding the bus, talking to bus riders,” he says. “This is a grassroots campaign.”

Green has largely focused on transportation issues on the campaign trail so far.

“One of the encouraging aspects of this campaign has been to hear citizens and elected officials coming up to our campaign saying, ‘Thank you. Thank you for bringing these issues to the table. If you were not doing this, we would not be having this discussion,'” he says.

At least one other independent candidate, Nimbus Couzin, is seeking the mayor’s office, but he has not run an active campaign. Independents have until next month to enter the race.

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John Hartmann July 14, 2010 at 4:08 pm

For years and years environmental leaders have been telling environmentalists to run for office. Jackie Green is doing so in a time when environmental leaders are needed more than ever before. I hope the environmental community and all citizens of Louisville can see the value in this man, and what his vision for Louisville would mean for the City and beyond. Jackie green is one of us. C’mon, get on board!

Richard Caldwell July 14, 2010 at 4:24 pm

Jackie ran a tight ship at this past weekend’s Forecastle festival at the Waterfront, offering free parking and valet services to any and all bicyclists. It is awesome to have a candidate who is completely willing and able to talk with anyone, anywhere, about Louisville and the future.

Carole Bretschneider July 14, 2010 at 8:14 pm

Jackie Green has a new vision of a Louisville that will be healthier, safer and more livable for all our citizens now and for the future of our children and grandchildren. His Independent platform is the same as that of Carolyn Gatz’s “Competitive Cities Report” which was in the Courier Journal recently. Jackie Green’s initiatives, unlike Fischer and Heiner’s, will improve transportation and air and water quality instead of building two bridges and 23 lanes of concrete and steel through our beautiful riverfront. Mr. Green’s initiatives will use money to improve services in all our existing neighborhoods rather than using money to
develop through preserved lands and farms which are our
future local food economy. Please help us educate Louisville by learning about the
campaign and by spreading the good news!

James Sidell July 15, 2010 at 2:01 am

If you’ve ever met Jackie Green, you can immediately tell he’s not your typical politician. Louisville needs someone who will address the big problems in the coming years – EMPLOYMENT, transportation, air pollution, water quality, preserving our the beautiful landscape that Louisville still has, etc. The other guys are basically twins anyway who will keep the status quo exactly where it is – thirty years in the past! You can count on my vote in November, Jackie Green

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