Texting While Driving Ban Takes Effect Thursday

by Gabe Bullard on July 12, 2010

by Gabe Bullard

Kentucky’s ban on texting while driving takes effect this week.

Beginning Thursday, it will be illegal for anyone to send text messages or e-mail while driving. Kentucky State Police Lieutenant David Jude says anyone in violation of the law will probably be easy to identify.

“Drive inattention—or texting while driving—has a lot of the same driving characteristics as an intoxicated driver so all law enforcement will be able to take a look and notice the driving behavior and give them reason to stop the car,” he says. “Or, if they do observe the person texting while driving, they’ll be able to make the stop.”

The next five months will be a grace period for the law. Drivers will be pulled over and warned, but no tickets will be issued. Beginning next year, fines of $25 for the first offense and $50 for subsequent violations will be imposed. The law will also make it illegal for drivers under 18 to use cell phones in any capacity while driving, except for emergencies.

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Concerned father July 12, 2010 at 6:44 pm

I’m so glad that this ban is being enacted. I cannot tell you how much i fear for drivers safety, especially with my kids starting to drive. Texting and driving is a huge safety issue, and studies show it increases your chance of being in an auto accident by 23 times. thats crazy. I really like this site, http://www.textkills.com/ , it gives in detail up to date info and new coverage on texting while driving. i think all concerned persons should check it out and spread the word! If even one life can be spared, we have done our job.

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