TARC Adds Hybrid Buses To Fleet

by Gabe Bullard

The Transit Authority of River City is nearly doubling the amount of hybrid buses on the road.

TARC has purchased nine new gas-electric hybrids, bringing the total number of hybrids to 21, which is about ten percent of the total fleet. TARC director Barry Barker says the new buses will be paid for with federal and state funds.

“Seven of them came out of the ARRA program; out of the economic stimulus program,” he says. “The other two came out of putting together some other grants we had as well as the state giving us the ability to use toll credits.”

Each bus cost $558 thousand, which is more than traditional a traditional diesel bus, but Barker says the hybrids will save on maintenance and fuel costs, with each one using 3,000 fewer gallons of diesel per year than older buses.