State Workers to be Furloughed Six Days

by Stephanie Crosby

State workers will be furloughed a total of six days in the upcoming fiscal year, according to a proposal released today by the Personnel Cabinet.

The budget approved by the General Assembly requires $131-million in expenditure reductions this fiscal year and $169-million dollars the year after that. Some of that savings will come in furlough days.

Personnel Cabinet Secretary Nikki Jackson says three of those days will be ‘common days’ – over Labor Day, Veterans Day, and Memorial Day weekends – and the remaining three will be at the discretion of the cabinet heads.

“This is all still very new,” says Jackson. “We’ve not had to cross this road before in state government, so some of this we’ll have to build the ship as we sail it, if you will.”

Jackson says the three remaining days must be taken in October, March and June, and must be approved by the Personnel Cabinet.

Agencies that operate around the clock – like mental health and correctional facilities – must submit plans to take furlough days that won’t disrupt service.