Demostrators Call For Benefits Extension

by Rick Howlett on July 7, 2010

By Rick Howlett and Andy Freudenburg

Several dozen demonstrators marched outside the Louisville office of U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell today, calling on the Minority Leader and his GOP colleagues to end their filibuster of a measure that would extend federal unemployment benefits.

The event was organized by the Kentucky AFL-CIO. President Bill Londrigan says thousands of laid off workers in Kentucky will be placed in a desparate situation if the impasse is not resolved soon.        

“Many of them (are) losing their benefits as we speak right now, and they have no jobs available for them. most of them are going to be in dire straits. We don’t think it’s very good public policy to be denying these unemployment insurance benefits to workers who are desparately needing them,” he said.

A spokesperson says McConnell is opposed to adding the cost of the extension to the federal deficit and has offered several alternatives rejected by Democrats, including a plan that would fund a two-month extension through spending cuts.

Lawmakers return to Washington next week but will go into a one-month recess in early August.

(Photo by Andy Freudenburg)

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Michael O'Rorke July 9, 2010 at 10:56 am

The ripple effect of this is hitting us all. My organization is part of an effort to take back Congress in our state and we have already had 3 community groups pull out of speaking tours for GOP candidates because as they said “we cannot have a party that is anti-American workers address our membership.

This one issue is really damaging to our efforts and leaves us all wondering if McConnell & Steele are trying to sink our efforts. It also makes us suspect that McConnell will switch to the DNC like Spector did to better his chances for re-election after sinking the GOP.

I wrote to the NRSC and asked for my donation back. I mentioned that I have been a strong supporter of the GOP since Ronald Reagan. Instead of an e-mail addressing my concerns I received an e-mail response asking me to join the Reagan 99 campaign. AAAAAAAAAhhhhhhhhhhh …. I guess both parties have their idiots but I think right now mine has the lead….

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