Bridges Authority Reconvenes

By Rick Howlett

The bi-state authority in charge of developing a plan to build two new Ohio River bridges
held its regular meeting Thursday in Clark County, Indiana.

The 14 member panel has been largely dealing with organizational matters since first convening in February. On Thursday, it approved its mission and vision statements.

Authority member Joe Reagan of Louisville says it’s important for the group to have a clear agenda.

“We’re here to build the bridges, we’re not here to only come up with a finance plan, (or) only come up with an approach to bi-state cooperation, or what it might be,” he said.

The authority is working with a strategic advisor to develop financing and construction plans for the project, which has an estimated price tag of $1.4 billion.

It proposes new bridges linking Louisville and southern Indiana and a reconfiguration
of the Spaghetti Junction interchange.      

Officials have said it’s likely that tolls will be used to help fund the project.