21st Century Parks Project to Begin Construction in July

by Stephanie Crosby

Construction on the first phase of the 21st Century Parks project is set to begin next month.

The four-thousand acre park is set to run from Shelbyville Road to Bardstown Road, along Floyd’s Fork Creek.

Metro Parks Director Mike Heitz is a member of the non-profit’s board. He says one of the first projects will be a playground/sprayground that was funded with one-and-a-half million dollars from Metro Government.

“We’re trying to get that completed while Mayor Abramson is still the mayor,” says Heitz. “So we have a very short timetable to make that happen, but I think we’re going to do it and make it happen before he leaves.”

Heitz says 21st Century Parks has raised about 98-million dollars for the $110-million project.

He spoke on today’s State of Affairs.