Time is Waning for Deal Between Humana, UofL Doctors

by Stephanie Crosby

Thousands of people could start paying higher rates for care from University of Louisville doctors by Thursday if a new agreement with a local insurer isn’t met.

Humana is in negotiations with about 460 doctors who are members of the U-of-L Physicians Group for a new contract. The current contract ends tomorrow.

U-of-L Physicians vice-president Dr. Allan Tasman says Humana wants to decrease their reimbursement rate by ten-percent.

“Look, we have to pay our mortgages like everybody else,” says Tasman. “All we want to be paid is a fair amount. But the patients are being put in the middle by Humana.”

Tasman says the doctors’ group wants its reimbursement rate increased by ten-percent.

Humana spokesperson Jim Turner says they offered several weeks ago to extend the current contract until a new deal is reached – but that hasn’t been accepted.

“It’s my understanding that they have indicated that they will leave the network on July first,” says Turner, “unless there were any talks between now and Thursday that would result in a new contract.”

If no deal is made, patients who receive care from those doctors and have insurance through Humana will have to find new doctors or pay out-of-network costs.