Paul Defends GOP Fundraiser

By Lisa Autry, Kentucky Public Radio

Kentucky’s Republican nominee for U.S. Senate says he’s not breaking a campaign promise by attending a Washington, D.C. fundraiser Thursday evening.

Rand Paul said during the primary campaign he would not accept donations from congressional Republicans who voted for the bank bailout.

But he now says circumstances have changed.

“In a primary, you look to define yourself and differentiate yourself from the other primary candidate. In the general you look to unify and bring people together. I think also Republicans since then are unified against any more bailouts,” he told WKYU radio in Bowling Green.

Democratic opponent Jack Conway’s spokesperson, Alison Haley, says Paul is not hte anti-establishment candidate he portrayed himself to be.

“It seems like every time voters turn around, Rand Paul seem to be betraying their trust by changing his mind about his principals and beliefs. He seems to be acting like a typical politician,” she said.

Paul says being friendly with the GOP establishment does not mean his vote is for sale, and he remains opposed to any taxpayer-funded bailout of the private sector.