Martin Says He Won't Cater To Tea Party, GOP

by Gabe Bullard

Libertarian candidate for Congress Ed Martin says he’s not planning on catering to the Tea Party for votes.

Martin filed to seek the Third District seat currently held by Democrat John Yarmuth Wednesday. He says his focus on reducing government spending may appeal to Tea Partiers, but he plans on to run a campaign aimed at everyone, not specific factions.

“There are certain elements in the Tea Party that are for fiscal conservatives and are probably also not too happy with the Republicans that could tilt my way. But I don’t intend to cater to any specific group,” he says.

Further, Martin says he’s not counting on a surge from libertarian-leaning Republican Senate candidate Rand Paul to help him in November.

“Definitely the smaller government, lower taxes type of thing, I think, resonates with a lot of people, but I think the staunch libertarian interpretation on some other stuff. The—as it’s been called recently, the paleo-libertarian beliefs and positions on things—could actually hurt, and a lot of those I don’t actually share,” he says.

Martin says his economic platform may lure voters away from Republican candidate Todd Lally, but he says his socially progressive stance could appeal to Democrats, too. Independent candidate Michael Hansen is also in the race.

Martin attempted to run for Congress as a Libertarian in 2008, but was disqualified because he was still a registered Republican.