PNC Completes National City Conversion

by Stephanie Crosby

PNC Financial Services has completed its conversion of National City branches six months ahead of schedule, according to the company. PNC purchased National City in 2008 for five-point-six million dollars. Since November, PNC has been converting National City branches into the PNC system.

Regional President for Kentucky, southern Indiana and Tennessee Chuck Denny says he isn’t surprised the conversion was completed early because of the orderly way it was handled.

“We did break it into four pieces, by geography, to make it more manageable,” says Denny, “and so we could learn, at the completion of one wave, we would learn from that completion and carry it into the next wave.”

Denny’s region, consisting of some 320 branches, finalized its conversion in February.

The most recent wave included 390 branches in Indiana, Illinois, Missouri and Wisconsin.