Peace Corps Recruiting Louisville-Area Volunteers

The Peace Corps says more than 550 people from the Louisville area have served in the agency since it was created nearly a half-century ago, and the Corps is looking for more local volunteers.

Regional recruiter Jeff Rhodes will hold an informational session about the Corps this week in Louisville. He says volunteers are assigned to one of 77 participating countries, helping in areas such as agriculture, health, education and information technology.

He says it’s a 27 month commitment—three months of training and 24 months of working abroad.

“We always talk about how there’s no standard service, it’s all very individual, because what Peace Corps is doing is responding to the needs of the community. So for me, I went into rural zambia is a health education volunteer, but somebody who is maybe just a few hours away, doing the job i was doing, had very different day-to-day tasks,” he said.

Rhodes will talk about the Corps Tuesday night at 6:00 at the Louisville Free Public Library. A reunion of area Corps volunteers will be held Thursday.