Another Suit Challenges JCPS Plan

by Rick Howlett on June 16, 2010

By Rick Howlett

Louisville attorney Teddy Gordon has filed a new lawsuit challenging Jefferson County Public Schools’ new student assignment plan.

Gordon filed the suit Wednesday in Jefferson Circuit Court on behalf of parent Scott Arnold, whose five year old son was unable to get into Cochrane Elementary School near his home for the upcoming academic year and was assigned to another school across town.

Gordon contends the school district is in violation of a decades old state law that says parents should be allowed to enroll their children in the school nearest their homes. He says the state law takes precedence over the new assignment plan that was prompted by a 2007 U.S. Supreme Court decision.

JCPS officials say they’re confident the suit won’t prevent the plan from moving forward.

Gordon argued sucessfully against the previous JCPS desegregation policy in the high court case and has mounted challenges to the new assignment plan. They were dropped after parents reached an agreement with the district.

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Attica Scott June 17, 2010 at 1:14 pm

I am thoroughly disappointed in the lawsuit being filed against JCPS.

Although the issues with this plan are not simple, we have seen improvements since August. We know that JCPS is purchasing 40 additional school busses for the fall to help cut down on lengthy ride time.

This busing plan, and really busing since its inception as a tool for school integration, has been a racially polarizing issue. Unfortunately, this divisiveness takes away from our focus on the guiding principles of diversity, quality, choice, predictability, stability and equity in our schools. And we continue to avoid having honest conversations about how this plan is “maintaining educational and financial equity among all schools in the district by providing substantially uniform educational resources…”

Yes, we place the burden of integration on our children because we as adults fail miserably at building real relationships across race and socioeconomics.

I am the parent of a child at Engelhard Elementary School where there is a diverse student body and an exceptional staff at every level. Let’s put our energy where it really belongs which is in making all of our schools exceptional schools.

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