Kentucky Equine Health and Welfare Council Created

by Stephanie Crosby

Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear today signed House Bill 398 – which created a new council to oversee welfare issues for the state’s horses. Members will be named to the first-ever Kentucky Equine Health and Welfare Council this fall.

The council is expected to have 12-to-13 seats, and include people from a broad range of backgrounds in the horse industry.

Frank Marcum is a founder of Equine Health and Welfare Alliance, Incorporated, a non-profit group instrumental in drafting the bill. He says a number of states are taking notice of the creation of the public entity.

“We’ve already visited with Texas, and we have some interest from Louisiana and Florida,” says Marcum, “Kentucky by now, having legislatively established this council for the health and welfare of the horse, serves as a template for other states.”

Marcum says his organization will work closely with the council, which he hopes will serve as a think tank to study issues threatening the welfare of horses in Kentucky.

The council falls under the umbrella of the Department of Agriculture.