Rubbertown Residents Get First Glimpse of Plan

A strategic plan for the future of Louisville’s Rubbertown neighborhood is taking shape.  It’s the area’s first plan for economic growth and community improvement, and it was developed by consultants at Interface Studios, at the request of Louisville Metro Government. Thursday night, those interested in the neighborhood were invited to a public meeting to hear more details about the plan.  Consultant Scott Page says it’s far from final.

“We wanted to get the ideas out on the table and have people help us define what the priority projects are.  Once we have that list of priorities, we can then start to strategize about how we can get funding, who the appropriate partners are,” says Page.

Page says the plan emphasizes opportunities to attract new businesses and jobs, and making use of a lot of vacant land.  He says the plan’s other features include quality of life improvements for residents, such as more sidewalks.