Braille Sign Added to Waterfront Park

by Stephanie Crosby

A new Braille sign was unveiled at Waterfront Park this afternoon. The sign is near the Abraham Lincoln Memorial.

Mayor Jerry Abramson says the park is growing in popularity, and thought needs to be put into how it can be enhanced for everyone.

“When you look at about a million-and-a-half people coming to the waterfront every year, you begin to realize how important this area is to ensure that it is available to be enjoyed by as many people as we possibly can,” says Abramson.

Another Braille sign will be placed soon near the “Flock of Finns” at the corner of Witherspoon and River Road. Both of the signs have indicators underfoot that allow the visually impaired to ‘feel’ that something of interest is nearby.

Abramson says if successful, similar signs could be used throughout the community.