Conway: Obama Visit Welcome "If He Wants To Come"

By Tony McVeigh, Kentucky Public Radio

Kentucky Attorney General Jack Conway, when asked by Frankfort reporters Wednesday if he intends to invite President Obama to campaign with him this fall, said he would welcome the President “if he wants to come.” But Conway, the Democratic nominee for U-S Senate, says the Senate race is not about Mr. Obama.”

“I am going to have to win this election. I am going to have to win this election against Rand Paul. It’s not going to be about any other elected official. Now, I imagine that Rand Paul will continue to make comments and try to make this about some candidate other than me. But this election is going to be about our campaign and about Rand Paul’s campaign.”

Bowling Green eye surgeon Rand Paul grabbed the Republican U-S Senate nomination in last month’s primary election. Conway and Paul meet in the November 2nd general election.