Yarmuth Proposes Bill to Increase Public Television Funding

by Stephanie Crosby

Congressman John Yarmuth of Louisville announced legislation today called the “Ready to Compete Act”. If approved, it would provide about $80-million in federal funding for public television programs across the country.

He says part of the proposal would expand classroom access to such programs on-demand.

“With this bill, teachers in classrooms across the country would have on-demand access to the immense video library of educational programs,” says Yarmuth, “everything from the founding fathers to the theory of relativity, there wherever and whenever a teacher needs it, presented in a way that will hold a student’s interest a lot better than a dusty chalkboard.”

Most of the bill’s programs would come from the Department of Education’s budget – about $70-million. Another $10-million would come from the Department of Labor to fund GED programs and workforce training programs.

All the programs are proposed for the 2011 budget.