Kentucky Graduation, Dropout Rates Decrease in 2009

by Stephanie Crosby

Data compiled by the Kentucky Department of Education shows that the state’s high school students are graduating at a lower rate, but are also dropping out of school at a lower rate. The non-academic data was released in a report today.

Spokesperson Lisa Gross says dropout rates in Kentucky have declined by more than 1% since 2002.

“We’ve still got a long way to go,” says Gross. “especially when the drop-out rate for African-American students is almost five-percent. We have a fairly small population of African-Americans in this state in our public schools. Five-percent of them are dropping out. That’s too much. hat’s too high. We need to address that.”

The numbers released today also show the graduation rate decreasing from 84.52% in 2008 to 83.91% last year. Retention rates – the number of students held back a grade – also increased by .2%.