Tyler Allen Says Bridges Could Still Be An Issue In The Mayor's Race

by Gabe Bullard

Former Democratic mayoral candidate Tyler Allen says he will continue to push his signature issue in the general election, even though he’s no longer in the running.

Allen finished fourth in last week’s Democratic primary. He ran a grassroots campaign focused on opposition to the Ohio River Bridges Project, and the possibility of tolls on new bridges.

Both major party candidates have expressed support for the bridges project, but Allen says growing public sentiment against tolls may force them to alter their positions.

“They’ll start to hear from voters and hopefully the press will keep that important issue out there,” he says. “If they never have to answer to it, maybe they won’t hear about it, but if they actually have to answer about the issue and how they think you can actually pay for a project on this scale.”

Democratic nominee Greg Fischer has said he will support tolls as necessary to pay for the bridges project. Republican nominee Hal Heiner says at least one bridge should be toll-free.

Among the independent candidates is transportation activist Jackie Green, who opposes the bridges project.