Meeting Tomorrow for Petersburg Park Master Plan

by Stephanie Crosby

Metro Parks officials are considering ways to update Petersburg Park in Newburg. Senior Planner Lisa Hite says a lot of people use the 28-acre park, and many have voiced opinions on how the park can be improved.

Hite says planners will present four possible plans for the park at a public meeting tomorrow night.

“We don’t necessarily have any money to implement it at that time,” says Hite, “but we use the master plan as a blueprint and when money does become available for that park, you’ve got a well thought-out plan for where the facilities should go, and all the user groups have participated and put their input in.”

Hite says additional ball fields, walking paths, dog areas and community gardens are part of some of the proposed plans. She says they’ll get comments from the community at the public meeting.

It’s set for Tuesday evening at 6:30 at the Newburg Community Center.