Kentucky Lawmakers Return for Special Session

by Kentucky Public Radio’s Tony McVeigh

Kentucky lawmakers are back in Frankfort today for a special session on the budget. Their return is drawing sighs of relief from many quarters.

Lawmakers’ failure to pass a budget during the regular session that ended April 15th could have had devastating consequences on the commonwealth come July 1st, the beginning of the next budget cycle. But Gov. Beshear has crafted a budget compromise that House and Senate leaders appear willing to act upon.

That’s a big relief to people like mental health advocate Sheila Schuster.

“You know, we were hearing from consumers and family members, what happens if we don’t have a budget? Am I not going to have access to my group therapy? Am I not going to have access to my medications?” says Schuster.

She says a coalition of social service agencies, teachers and citizens groups will rally on the Capitol steps in support of a just and compassionate budget.

The special session, which the governor hopes won’t last more than five days, will cost taxpayers around 64-thousand dollars a day.