UPS Pilot Furloughs Begin

by scrosby on May 23, 2010

by Stephanie Crosby

Furloughs have begun for 54 UPS pilots. They are the first in a two-year series of layoffs at the shipping giant, whose air hub is located in Louisville.

The layoffs were originally announced in February. Independent Pilots Association spokesperson Brian Gaudet says the union offered to save the company money through a series of concessions.

“Our point is: the other 25-hundred members of this union were willing to pay out of their pockets to keep these guys employed,” saus Gaudet.

But UPS spokesperson Jackie Blair says the original cost-savings estimate was too low, and they preferred furloughs.

“We, bottom line, have too many crewmembers to fly the aircraft we have currently in service,” says Blair.

Twenty-three of the pilots now furloughed are based in Louisville.

Blair says by the end of next year, they expect to furlough a total of 300 pilots, 30 of them in Louisville.

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creed May 25, 2010 at 7:12 pm

Ups continues to move more of its air through its ground system. ups can move packages by ground in 1 day from point a to points b,c,d and effectively eliminate not only pilots but also inside workers and package car drivers. technology is a bitch and its eliminating jobs at ups and elsewhere. if you really care demand a live paycheck and quit having your check sent direct deposit and never ever use a drivethru at a bank,restaurant,etc and never use self checkouts because if you do you are contributing to the job loss madness

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