Mexican Consul Donates 10,000 Books to JCPS

by Stephanie Crosby

One of the Mexican consuls to the U.S. was in Louisville today to visit Slaughter Elementary School. The Consul recently donated ten-thousand books to the school district.

Consul Juan Solana is the Mexican Consul to Indiana, Ohio and Kentucky, and this year donated books to school districts in Indianapolis, Columbus and Louisville. The books are entirely in Spanish and are the same textbooks the Mexican government supplies its schools.

Solana says the Mexican government is working to supply as many as possible to U.S. schoolchildren.

“It’s a way to share a culture to the English speakers, so they can learn a little bit of our language too,” says Solana, “and not just our language, our culture, our history, and the way we see things.”

Slaughter will use one-thousand of the books because it has the highest ratio of English as a Second Language students. One in five students there speaks Spanish as their first language.