Abramson Says He's Ready To Support Fischer In Mayor's Race

by Gabe Bullard

As he promised to do, Louisville Mayor Jerry Abramson is supporting the Democratic nominee in the mayor’s race.

Abramson did not endorse in the primary, but now that Greg Fischer has won his party’s nomination, the mayor says he’s been meeting with the candidate to prepare for the general election.

“Talking about some of the substantive issues facing the upcoming budget, as an example, and we’ll work with him as time goes by to ensure he is as successful as possible and able to win in November,” he says.

In a statement, Fischer’s Republican opponent Hal Heiner said, “It’s not surprising Greg needs help in this campaign and further proves a Fischer Administration will be a continuation government;  a continuation of policies that led to scathing audit reports and a decade of job loss.”

At least three independent candidates are also in the race.