812 Area Code to Run Out of Numbers in 2013

by Stephanie Crosby

The rise in cell phone use and wireless Internet cards is causing area code 812 in southern Indiana to run out of numbers. Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission spokesperson Danielle McGrath says they’ve used up 91% of that area code’s prefixes – the next three numbers after the area code.

That area could run out of numbers by late 2013. McGrath says one option is to split the geographic area and adopt a new area code, requiring some customers to get new numbers

“And area code overlay, on the other hand, would allow existing customers to keep their area code,” says McGrath, “however any new customers coming in would have a different area code, resulting in ten-digit dialing.”

McGrath says before the commission can do anything, it has to receive a request from the North American Numbering Plan Administrator. She says the panel would also hold informational and public meetings before making such a change.