Fischer Says He's Prepared To Face Heiner In November

by Gabe Bullard

Democratic mayoral nominee Greg Fischer says he’s prepared to face another Metro Council member in the race for the mayor’s office.

In a field of eight Democrats, Fischer won about 45 percent of the vote. Coming in second and third, respectively, were Metro Councilmen David Tandy and Jim King. Fischer will now face Republican Councilman Hal Heiner in the general election.

Fischer says the race against Heiner will be challenging, but not because of Heiner’s experience on the council.

“David Tandy and Jim King ran great races,” he says. “I respect them both. It shows certainly I can beat a Metro Councilman, and that certainly didn’t hurt me.”

Fischer says he beat King and Tandy based on issues, and he will use the same strategy against Heiner.