Hawkins Faces Challengers From Both Parties For Council Seat

Of the ten contested primaries for seats in Louisville’s Metro Council, one of the most watched races in the 25th District.

Republican Doug Hawkins has represented the southwestern district for two terms. His challenger, Dr. Robert Thrasher, says Hawkins is too prone to political posturing and has not spent his tenure serving constituents.

“I think Mr. Hawkins has outlived his welcome,” he says. “I think it’s time for a change. I think his whole reasons for being on the council have not been helpful to the southwest part of the county.”

Hawkins says constituents appreciate his work and opposition to the mayor, and he thinks he’ll benefit in the primary from Republican Chris Thieneman’s mayoral bid. Thieneman is also outspoken in opposition to the mayor.

“I think a lot of people out here in the south end have a lot of respect for Chris, or are certainly very supportive of him,” says Hawkins. “I don’t know if that necessarily equates to them voting for me, but I would think a lot of those people would vote along those same lines.”

Hawkins says a number of Republican mayoral candidate Hal Heiner’s supporters likely support him as well. Thrasher says if he loses to Hawkins in Tuesday’s primary, he’ll support Democratic candidate David Yates.