Meeting Set On Cherokee Park Plan

By Rick Howlett

Louisville Metro Parks and the Olmsted Parks Conservancy will hold another public meeting on a proposed master plan for changes in the Hogan’s Fountain area of Cherokee Park.            

Parks spokesperson Jason Cissell says this week’s meeting will be the fifth devoted to the plan.     

“We went through a process finding out what people liked about the Hogan’s Fountain area of Cherokee Park, what they didn’t like, what would make them more likely to use it frequently and came up with a plan that calls for a bunch of improvements,” he said.

Those improvements include a new walking path, improved parking, upgraded playground equipment and new picnic pavilions.

Cissell says officials have had a final concept in hand since January, but some citizens wanted another chance to comment on it.

The meeting will be held Thursday at 6:30pm at St Matthews Baptist Church.

(Photo courtesy of Louisville Metro Parks)