Stuckel Faces Challenger For 17th District Seat

by Gabe Bullard

Thirteen seats in Louisville’s Metro Council are up for election this year, and in two districts, both parties have contested primaries. One of those districts is the 17th, in eastern Jefferson County. The other is the 9th District.

Incumbent Republican Glen Stuckel is facing a challenge from real estate economist Tony Wheeler. Wheeler says he wants to bring a new perspective to the council, though he has no specific complaints about Stuckel.

“He’s been responsive, you know,” says Wheeler. “If a sign is down he makes sure it’s fixed. If the light’s out, he does that. But to be honest, that’s almost the minimum you’d expect from a Metro Councilman.”

Stuckel says if voters want him to change how he represents them, they can tell him.

“We’re very responsive,” he says. “I have quarterly district meetings and anybody can come and voice their concerns, but we don’t normally get too many concerns. They have concerns, but they’re not the kind where they’re angry or anything like that.”

Business owner William Cohen and attorney Derwin Webb are the two Democrats seeking the 17th District seat.