Officials Agree To Work Toward Better Education

by Gabe Bullard

Government, business and education leaders from the Louisville metro area convened downtown today to celebrate a new agreement that they say will improve education in the region.

The agreement calls on universities and businesses to work together to award 55 thousand bachelor’s and associates degrees in the next ten years. Officials say this will be done in part by improving college prep programs in high schools, cutting restrictions on transfer credits for colleges and providing better tuition assistance.

Greater Louisville Inc. president Joe Reagan says one hurdle to meeting the graduation goal will be to get adults who haven’t finished their degrees to go back to school.

“How can we deliver education to working adults?” he says. “How do we use the tuition reimbursements that are already out there in new and different ways to really make sure that those adults can cross the goal line?”

Reagan says many area adults have attended college, but too few have graduated.