New JCPS Budget Includes Some Assumptions

By Rick Howlett

The Jefferson County Board of Education has approved a tentative budget for fiscal 2010-2011, but because Kentucky lawmakers have not adopted a state spending plan, the JCPS budget is based on some assumptions.

“What we have done is assumed the Senate bill version, the last version we’re aware of, which really was the worst scenario for us. So if something changes, then obviously this budget will change, but you will not see that until the working budget when we present that in September,” Cordelia Hardin, the school district’s chief financial officer, told the JCPS board Monday.

Hardin say the district would be able to continue operating if there’s a partial state government shutdown due to lack of a budget.

The tentative JCPS budget totals more than $1 billion and includes $27 million borrowed from reserves to offset a drop in tax revenues.