Berman Revises Frost Recommendation

by Stephanie Crosby

JCPS Superintendent Sheldon Berman has changed his recommendation to close a district middle school.

Berman put forth the idea of closing Frost Middle School after an audit was released last week of six low-performing schools in the district. Berman now says the timeline was too short to consider closing the school.

The audit by the state education department suggested re-staffing the six schools, dissolving the site-based councils, or replacing the principals, or a combination of those things. Berman called a special meeting of the board of education last week to present his proposals to re-staff part of five of the schools, and close Frost Middle.

Today, Berman says he’s changed his mind. At tonight’s board of education meeting, he’ll recommend the re-staffing option for Frost as well.

The board of education must act quickly on the recommendations in order to be eligible for government funding to turn around low-performing schools. Their plan must be approved by June first.