State Government Cuts Mowing In Frankfort

By Tony McVeigh, Kentucky Public Radio

The grass around some Kentucky government facilities in Frankfort this summer will be a bit taller.  Bu officials say the taller blades are about more than just saving money on mowing.

Finance Secretary Jonathan Miller says mowing will be reduced in acreage and frequency this summer around four facilities, including the Libraries and Archives and the state crime lab.  Less mowing will save the state 80-thousand dollars on part-time jobs, maintenance and fuel costs.  But Miller says it’s not just about saving money. 

“The taller the grass grows, the more it absorbs the carbon dioxide from the air and it’s going to have a great environmental effect when the animals recreate their natural habitats in the grass.”

Miller says grassy areas adjacent to the buildings will still be mowed, but areas further away from the state facilities will be returned to the kinds of native habitats that attract migratory birds and other wildlife.