Frankfort Weathered Flooding Well

from Kentucky Public Radio’s Tony McVeigh

Kentucky’s capital city of Frankfort has some fairly significant flooding, but appears to have weathered recent heavy rains in pretty good shape.

The Kentucky River, which flows through the middle of Frankfort, crested Tuesday night at 42-point-eight feet. Flood stage is 31-feet.

Emergency Management Director Derron Rambo says some homes outside the floodwall took on water, but there were no official evacuations in the city.

“When people knew that the water was coming, they watched it very close,” says Rambo. “Most of them made a decision on their own to go ahead and move furniture and personal effects to higher ground. A majority went and stayed with family members and friends.”

Rambo says there were no flood-related injuries or fatalities in Frankfort. High water never threatened the State Capitol, which sits on a bluff high above the river.

The historic Switzer Covered Bridge also survived. It was wiped out in the 1997 flood, but later rebuilt.