Beshear Says Special Session Date, Agenda Not Yet Confirmed

by Gabe Bullard

A date has not yet been set for a special session of the Kentucky General Assembly, but Governor Steve Beshear is close to calling legislators back to Frankfort to pass a budget.

Beshear says a budget must be in place by June, or else he’ll have to prepare to shut down parts of the government. He wants to have the special session in May, though he hasn’t yet suggested an exact date to lawmakers.

The governor is working with House and Senate leaders on a budget compromise, and he says it’s unlikely he will put expanded gambling on the agenda for the session.

“We really haven’t given a lot of thought to any particular issue other than the budget,” he says. “I’ve got to make sure that we get a budget. All this other stuff, it may be good to do it, we’ll see as we go along, but the budget is my main concern.”

Beshear says, however, he hasn’t ruled out putting charter school legislation on the agenda.