Luallen To Address Council Committees

by Gabe Bullard

Kentucky State Auditor Crit Luallen will address two Metro Council committees Monday.

The Budget and Government Accountability and Oversight Committees will hold a joint meeting to discuss Luallen’s recent audit of Metro Government, which cited dozens of problems with department and financial management.

Previous yearly audits that were conducted by a private firm did not uncover the same issues. Accountability Committee chair Tina Ward-Pugh says she wants to know what changed.

“So I’m trying to figure out what happened between last year and the former six years. How could that have jumped from where it was to what we see now in front of us.”

The mayor’s office says it’s addressing the problems found in the auditor’s report. Ward-Pugh says it’s unlikely any legislation will come out of the meeting. For more information on the audit, click here.

To see the full audit, click here (PDF) and to read the summary, click here (DOC).