Luallan Discusses Metro Audit With Council Members

Louisville Mayor Jerry Abramson’s administration says its moving swiftly to implement recommendations included in a state audit of Metro Government finances released last month.

The announcment coincided Monday with Auditor Crit Luallan’s appearance before two Metro Council committees to discuss her yearly report.

The audit found dozens of problems with various accounting practices, including the handling of cash in the Corrections Department, the expenditure of disaster recovery funds, and the tracking of animals by Metro Animal Services. Luallan says one underlying problem is the lack of accounting expertise by some business managers.

“We acknowldge that in general, it may be an industry practice to allow experience to substitute for education and that may be acceptable in some fields, but we would recommend that in technical positions, the individual should have sufficient technical training and relevant experience to do the job,” she said.

A release from the mayor’s office Monday says the administration has completed or is implementing mroe than 100 steps to improve the city’s financial practices, including  new computer systems at Corrections and Animal Services and additional training for business managers and department directors.