Antivirus Glitch Causing Computer Problems

A glitch involving a popular computer anti-virus program is causing some problems across the country.

Many Kentucky public school districts are among those affected by the McAfee program glitch, which identifies a harmless Windows program as a virus and forces computers to shut down.

“A lot of school districts use McAfee. It’s a very popular program, a lot of individuals use it at home, a lot of businesses and corporations use it and have been very happy with it. It’s really kind of an anomoly as far as this episode goes. We don’t have these things occur very often and mcafee is a very reliable company,” said Kentucky Department of Education spokesperson Lisa Gross.

Gross say McAfee has posted a temporary fix to the problem.

The glitch has also caused scattered problems elsewhere; a spokesperson in the Louisville mayor’s office tells the Courier-Journal it led to a minor disruption among Metro Government computers. Louisville Metro Police shut down their squad car computers as a precaution.